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Web Design

Top-quality websites... at a price that you can afford

There's nothing that says more about your business or organisation than its window on the web... and we are the last word in affordable sites!

Alexandra Hypnotherapy websiteAlexandra Hypnotherapy's site comes complete with a hand-built Flash masthead of swirling butterflies.

From as little as £75, you can impress your clients with an eye-catching experience that loads quickly, hits the top of the search engines and really sells your business.

We'll build you a site in HTML and CSS (we are trained to Adobe standard), complete with the flashiest of Flash banner headings, hand-built for you, if you like.

Since 2000, we have been building attractive and effective websites – such as the one at right, which is reeling in the clients for a Mexborough hypnotherapist... who is delighted with it!

Clicking on the image itself will take you to the Alexandra Hypnotherapy website, which will open in a new browser tab.

hand-pumped websiteHand-Pumped was our first news website.

Aside from our affordable-but-excellent sites for small businesses, we also specialise in creating sites for, and advising on, the setting up of online newspapers – an area in which we have years of experience.

Our own Hand-Pumped website, a brewing industry online newspaper, was an early attempt.

It led to our company being singled out as one of just a score of 'digital media entrepreneurs', to attend a seminar on the future of the newspaper industry on the web – after a worldwide search for talent by a leading UK university's media faculty!

Once again, click the image to open the site in a new browser tab.

Our next example is a simple but elegant site created for a business consultant. Our client was keen to avoid any 'gimmicks', and our brief was to provide a web window that spoke of professionalism and attention to detail.

hand-pumped websiteKMR-Consultancy website... simple but elegant

We limited our banner to a Flash animation on the homepage only, showing the name of the business – while adding an illuminated drop-capital to the first word of each page, to add an understated element of class to the pages.

We also designed and made all the images for the site – no simple task, given that the concepts involved were of an abstract nature!

Naturally, for such affordable prices, we normally expect our clients to supply their own content for their new website (that is, words and pictures) – but we are able to provide a full service in this respect, although there will be a price impact.

Our final example site is a full-blown entertainments website, which we are currently engaged in developing. The thrust of this offering is to provide a gripping interface which supplies simple-to-access information.

hand-pumped websiteIn development... Doncaster Tonight takes shape

Its journalist proprietor is more interested in quickly delivering his content – up to the minute news and reviews of events – than spending hours at a computer screen. As such, we have spent weeks working with him and training him, to develop a system which gives him a large advertising platform while keeping the content refreshing and updating of the site (by himself) as simple as possible.

The fullest consultation with our clients is our work credo.

Before you buy a website from us, we will speak to you at length about your thoughts and aspirations, enabling us to deliver just the look and feel you are seeking.

We will then build your site, hosting it 'in secret' on our private webspace, so that you can see how it appears at every stage of the process.

Upon payment of our fees, we will then transfer the final site to the domain of your choice, and supply you with software and a bespoke tutorial which will enable to you make your own changes to your pages, as your business develops.

So EMAIL us here now for our terms and conditions, or use the simple form on our Contact Us page. Your connected future begins here!